Christmas COVID-19 Updates

December 24th Update

Mass is on!

If you have pre-registered, see you in person. If you have missed out, you can watch our LIVE STREAM via this link.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

December 23rd Update – 6pm

Our prayers have been answered! Christmas Masses will still go ahead over the next 2 days as planned. Some small changes have been organised on our side, so we can have a safe & holy event. 

As you may be aware, Places of Worship now revert back to the four-square-metre rule. This means no extra people who show up on the day can fit into the church, so please do not bring extra family members or friends along. 

Masks are strongly recommended at each of our masses. We have got disposable masks available at the door for your convenience. 

The Archbishop has re-instated dispensation from mass until further notice, so it is no longer compulsory to attend mass on Christmas & Sunday’s. So if your circumstances have changed, you are feeling unwell or you’ve been to an Identified NSW Covid Hotspot, please do not attend mass. Let us know via text message ASAP on 0467 021 739 so we can adjust our ticket system.

We will be LIVE STREAMING the 8pm Christmas Eve mass & 9:30am Christmas Day mass so everyone at home can still attend virtually. We will post the links on this group before each mass.

The only masses with seats available are the 9:30am mass at SYLVANIA & the 11am mass at MIRANDA on Christmas Day. Please register at

Any further changes will be communicated here, via email, and on our facebook group.

If you have any questions, please text 0467 021 739 or comment on the facebook post.

Thank you & see you soon. 

December 23rd Update – 12pm

Today the government announced that Places of Worship can still be open over Christmas as long as we follow the four-square-metre rule. We will have a more in-depth update this afternoon.

December 22nd Update

The NSW Premier will announce what the restrictions are for ‘Places of Worship’ for Christmas, at 11am tomorrow. We will keep you updated.

December 20th Update

Until 11:59pm on Wednesday, all places of worship must now go back to the 4sqm rule.

Masks are now highly recommended in Church.

More Christmas information will be updated shortly.